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Subcommittee Participation

The City of Sydney Law Society has various subcommittees:

  • Seminars and CPD events - Our committee members and Executive Officer work together on scheduling informative CPD seminars. We try to keep topics varied and interesting and ensure they cover the mandatory CPD categories.  If you wish to suggest a speaker or topic please contact our Executive Officer by email.
  • Annual Dinner Alexandra Bradley, with the assistance of other Committee Members co-ordinates a fun and engaging end of year Annual Dinner.  
  • Social EventsOur other annual social events include the Law Week Breakfast, occasionally a specialised Seminar Topic Breakfast and our always popular Cocktail Function at the Downing Centre Court Complex.
  • Social Media - Our President, George Mavrakis and his team work on keeping everyone in touch with updates with Linkedin and Instagram.
  • Website - Our past Vice President, Wayne Dixon has worked hard on updating our website to ensure it brings greater benefit to members, particularly during the difficult work from COVID period. Various noticeboards have been established including employment opportunities, lawyer to lawyer discussions and queries, availability of past seminar papers and hopefully in the not too distant future the availability of recorded webinars.
  • Practice ViabilityThe overarching goal of the Practice Viability Sub-Committee, headed by Phillip Roberts, is to improve the business environment for profitability of small to medium sized legal practices and to contribute to conversations about advancing the legal profession generally. From the time of its establishment this sub-committee the strategies adopted by this sub-committee have included:

    1. Enhancing the image and reputation for lawyers in the wider community;

    2. Advocating for the adoption of pro-business policies by government and semi-government bodies that encourage the growth of small to medium sized law offices;

    3. Exploring ways that deregulation of the legal services market to avoid excessive or duplicitous regulation (e.g. migration lawyers and migration agents);

    4. Identifying and disseminating strategies for small to medium sized firms to reduce costs and payment times by clients;

    5. Contributing to discussions about the ways that government agencies engage private firms (eg legal aid bodies);

    6. Promoting the adoption of technology by small to medium sized practices to enhance their productivity and effectiveness in serving clients in the modern digital economy;

    7. Raising funds for the Solicitors Benevolent Association which assists solicitors who have fallen upon difficulties; and

    8. Engaging in general topics of discussion within the profession such as wellbeing and depression of lawyers, access to justice and gender or cultural diversity.

  • Practical Legal Training (PLT) - Coordinated by Robert Eaves and with great assistance from Emeritus Professor David Barker and other committee members, the PLT subcommittee offers assistance to graduate and law students in finding PLT placement to facilitate completion of requirements for admission. 
  • Charities - For many years, our committee member Robert Eaves has assisted at various social events, to collect for the various NSW Law Society's Presidents' Charities. 
  • Duty Solicitors Pro Bono Scheme at the Downing Centre - For many years now Committee Member Anthony Restuccia has been coordinating a roster of solicitors volunteering their time to provide a free legal service at the Downing Centre Local Court to members of the public who appear at the Court unrepresented.  This service is greatly appreciated by the Magistrates.


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